TreatUpAdaptive Learning EHR System For Doctors

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Start giving digital prescription and access patient's complete health timeline.


Let your patients enjoy the seamless process of connected ecosystem.


Impress your patients with completely automated treatment process.

An experience which patients want from you

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How TreatUp Works

The process which patients want

Real Time Queue Messages

Waiting is painful, especially when a person is unwell

No more managing patient's queue.
No more patient's complain on wait time.

Imagine the feeling of all your patients when they will be getting real time queue no. via SMS, automatically.

Help them save their time and leave a long lasting impression.

Patient's Complete Health History

Know everything about them before they tell you

Why asking patients to show their prescription when you have their complete digital health history in your palm.

Prescribe digitally and give them a belief that you know everything about them.

Electrifying Pharmacy Experience

An experience which they will love

The moment you submit prescription, immediately medicine list will go to your connected pharmacy.

By the time patient reaches at pharmacy, his medicines are packed and ready to take away.

Attract more patients by giving them an incredible experience which no one else can give.

Automated Follow-up Reminder

Start winning patient's trust

You don't have to do anything.
Your receptionist don't have to do anything.

Our technology will automatically send follow-up reminder to your patients on your behalf.

Insights, Instantly

Make it Count

Know your month on month appointment growth,
ROI you are getting from each source,
Trending symptoms since last 2 months and lot more.

Start understanding your business and your patients in a much deeper way.

All Your Patients At One Place

Something which you need

For you a patient is a patient doesn't matter he is coming from which source and visited you in which centre.

TreatUp let's you maintain all your patients from any source, any centre at one place.

Everywhere you go

Access your account anywhere, anytime from any device.
And in offline mode too.
Android Version
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  • For 1 month
Monthly Plan₹1999/mo
Yearly Plan*₹1599/mo
  • 20% discount